WaterRisk Assessment

WaterRisk Assessment

The Legionella Risk Assessment and the Pseudomonas risk assessment in Healthcare Premises are VERY important documents in the continued prevention and control of bacteria in your workplace.
When was the last time you read yours? We would also ask you when was it last looked at or reviewed?
If you manage healthcare premises do you have a Pseudomonas Risk Assessment?
There have been several changes since late 2012 that your document might not cover.
These changes may or may not have been identified within your risk assessment and therefore there may be potential risks that should be covered that are not being.
At Future Water we read many risk assessment documents from other companies – some good and some not so.
Does your risk assessment cover you?
Feedback from  our clients suggests that our risk assessment covers a lot more than the vast majority and this enables them to put in place the required safeguards to protect their building occupants.
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